A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Image Sizes (Tips)

Knowing the optimal image sizes for various Instagram posts is key for crafting polished and professional presences that engage your target audience. Instagram image sizes play an essential role in the quality and engagement of posts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look at optimal Instagram image sizes in 2024 along with tips for producing eye-catching visuals that resonate with their followers. 

Instagram stands out among social media platforms by emphasizing visual content. Images are at the core of the Instagram experience, so knowing the recommended image sizes can help maximize your posts’ effectiveness. As of 2024, Instagram has detailed guidelines for image sizes across various types of posts such as feed posts, stories, profile pictures, and more, let’s discuss them all without any further ado!

  • Instagram Feed Post Image Size

For regular feed posts on Instagram, the recommended image size should be 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels. Nevertheless, Instagram now allows for higher-resolution images up to 2160 pixels by 2160 pixels for better quality images.

Instagram Stories have quickly become a trendy way of sharing instantaneous content. For optimal viewing on all devices, the recommended image size for Instagram Stories should be 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. This ensures your stories look clear and crisp when sharing them through this platform.

  • Instagram Profile Picture Size

Your profile picture is an integral component of your Instagram presence Its size should be at least 110 pixels by 110 pixels; however, Instagram displays them at 180 pixels by 180 pixels for optimal quality display. A higher-resolution image should also be considered when uploading pictures to Instagram.

  • Cover Photo Size for IGTV 

IGTV allows users to upload longer videos. To ensure the cover image appears appropriately when users access your channel, the ideal size for an IGTV cover photo should be 420 pixels by 654 pixels. This ensures it will display appropriately.

  • Instagram Carousel Post Image Size

Instagram Carousel posts enable you to showcase multiple images or videos within one post, creating a swipeable gallery for followers to explore. Each carousel image or video should be carefully chosen and formatted to ensure optimal viewing and engagement. 

Here is a detailed look at image sizes recommended for Instagram Carousel posts:

  • Image Size: 

Images posted via an Instagram Carousel should measure at a minimum resolution of 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels for optimal quality in each post. Whenever possible, using higher-resolution images will ensure maximum success with your post.

  • Aspect Ratio (Square Format): 

For carousel images, the aspect ratio must be 1:1 (square), meaning both its width and height should be equal. This creates a square image format.

  • File Formats: 

JPEG or PNG files should be uploaded as carousel images for optimal compatibility and image quality on Instagram’s platform.

  • Images/Videos Limit in Instagram Carousel Post: 

Instagram allows up to 10 images or videos to be featured in one carousel post, giving you ample room to showcase a collection of content or tell a narrative through it.

  • Ordering Images: 

By simply dragging and dropping images into a carousel post, you can create a visual narrative that engages your audience. This feature makes creating compelling and cohesive stories easy!

Tips for Generating Engaging Images

Instagram allows users to showcase captivating visuals in an array of sizes. Here are a few effective tips for making them stand out:

  • Utilize high-quality images to make your posts memorable. You can download Instagram images as well for inspiration or ideas 
  • Follow the rule of thirds for optimal composition, then experiment with filters and editing tools to enhance them further. 
  • Use engaging captions and relevant hashtags to boost engagement and boost results.
  • Maintain a cohesive aesthetic to strengthen your brand identity. 


By understanding the recommendations and tips outlined in this guide, you can easily create captivating visuals that resonate with your target audience on Instagram and further advance your brand presence. Staying updated on emerging trends and regulations can ensure your content stays engaging for the long term.


Q1: Can I use the same image size for both feed posts and stories? 

While you could potentially use one image size across both types, for optimal quality you can use specific dimensions for each type.

Q2: Are There Any Limits on How Many Images or Videos I Can Add to an Instagram Carousel Post?

Yes, Instagram allows for up to 10 images/videos per carousel post.

Q3: Can I change the size of my profile picture after uploading it? 

Yes, Instagram enables users to edit and reupload images as often as desired to alter the dimensions.

Q4: Do Instagram’s image size guidelines apply to all devices?

Yes, Instagram’s image size guidelines have been designed to ensure that images look their best across devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Q5: Can I use third-party applications to resize images for Instagram?

Yes, there are several third-party applications available that can help you with this process. However, be wary when choosing an untrustworthy one as this could compromise the quality of your images.